Just Like Waiting For A Bus - Then Along Come Two

Just Like Waiting For A Bus - Then Along Come Two

I'm sure that you know how the saying goes "wait ages for a bus and two come along together" well it feels a little like that for us now as it has been a couple of months since our last new product and now we have two within days of each other. Welcome to the PROCART 2000 ECO

The 2000 ECO is a unique pocket panel filter constructed from a combination of several layers of Kraft paper cut and shaped to obtain a very large surface area and, more importantly, filtration surface area. This gives a superior capacity of overspray or dust retention. There is also an additional fibre layer of filtration allowing the 2000 ECO a filtration percentage of 99.5%. There is also the benefit of an extremely high paint holding capacity of up to 32kg/m2.

We are really pleased that the 2000 ECO is now part of our range of extraction filters as we have been waiting a long time for a superior pocket filter to offer our customers.

The 2000 ECO is available in three standard sizes with a pocket depth of 250mm however special sizes are available.

For further technical information and to buy the Procart 2000 ECO please visit the product page.