Our Procart Filter Range Just Got Bigger

Our Procart Filter Range Just Got Bigger

We are very pleased to announce the arrival of a new filter to join our Procart range of extraction filters. The all new PROCART K is constructed from multiple layers of formed Kraft paper and is designed to give our customers a direct alternative to using fibreglass filter rolls.

This new filter has been undergoing tests and trials for many months and is now available with a choice of filtration layers and with an option of an additional fibre backing which gives an even higher filtration level.

For many years it has been known that the standard fibreglass filter medium is far from a perfect product for filtering paint overspray or dust. It is not a good product for manual handling as it is very dusty and easily causes a negative skin reaction for many people. It is also not an absorbent material so doesn’t have a very high paint holding capacity which, in our opinion, are not particularly good selling points for a filter. It must be remembered that the whole point of an extraction filter is that it holds onto the paint or dust. However, it is a product that is widely used as it does have some benefits over our pleated filters. Firstly, it is supplied on a roll so can be cut and pushed into almost any space and secondly, it has been around for many years, so people are very familiar with it. Well now there is a direct alternative and that is the Procart K which is also supplied on a roll so can be cut and made to fit almost any space, but it has the added benefits of being very clean (no dust), easy and comfortable to handle and has a high paint holding capacity.

The Procart K has two more big advantages over the fibreglass filters and that is that they will maintain the airflow within a spray booth for far longer than fibreglass and it has a paint holding capacity 200-300% greater. This means that the Procart K can last up to 3 times longer than standard fibreglass rolls meaning less time wasted changing filters.

For more technical information and to purchase then please visit the Procart K pages.