HEPA Turbulent Flow Filter - Metal Frame


Highest quality filtration generally used in medical facilities and in food production such as mushroom growing. Thicker profile than Laminar HEPA which allows for greater air volume per hour but a less smooth flow. This is type of filter is very good for large product preparation areas, animal agriculture housing areas where the filters can be used against such things as Avian Flu also known as Bird Flu and medical manufacturing areas.

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The folded 'accordion' design, of this Procart B spray booth filter, ensures a high paint holding capacity whilst maintaining maximum airflow for much longer than many types of air filtration alternatives such as fibreglass rolls. Our spray booth filters will ensure that air, from your product finishing area, is filtered effectively.

This Procart spray booth filter is designed to filter all types of water and solvent based paints and other types of coating but not powder paints or dust (for this we recommend the use of our Procart M2 or Procart H booth filters). With this design of paper filter your overspray is captured on both on the face of the filter and within the folds which allows the booth air to pass through the filter with minimal obstruction until full, thus a constant, smooth airflow is maintained for much longer than using other types of extraction filtration. What is so important about airflow? Without it you don't have a proper functioning spray booth and you won't be able to produce a proper finish so a good airflow is vital to the running of your spray booth.

If you are looking to spray powder or very dry or dusty paints or feel that your spray booth may suffer from a high percentage of overspray or you are experiencing problems with dust or paint traveling through your ducting and ending up outside of your factory then you may want to look at the other options within our Filtration range or feel free to call us on 01673 895130 or email us for further assistance.

If you require a non-standard size then simply select the closest standard size larger than your required size. During the check-out process you can complete your required size in the box for special requests. If you would prefer to tell us your requirements then this is fine however you can still purchase your filters here.

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These Turbulent Flow HEPA panel filters are used for absolute air filtration in controlled contamination environments and many types of clean room area.

Designed for the highest efficiency of air filtration the panels allow air to pass through micro-fine glass fibres, that form a paper-like surface, that traps impurities and removes them from the air circulation. HEPA filters are suitable for the pharmaceutical, food and electronic industries as well as medical and healthcare environments as they are designed to trap the smallest particles of dust and spores but also bacteria so they are ideal for clean rooms, neonatal incubators, medical laboratories and many more areas that require high quality, clean air.

Turbulent Flow HEPA differ from our Laminar Flow HEPA as they have a thicker profile so allow a less smooth flow of air but have a higher air flow rate.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for dispatch as we may not have your selected size in stock.

Further information can be seen in the Technical Information section.

Filter Class - H13
Filters global efficiency % for MPPS particles - ≥ 99.95 %
Local Efficiency % for MPPS particles - 99.75%

Filter Class - H14
Filters global efficiency % for MPPS particles - ≥ 99.995 %
Local Efficiency % for MPPS particles - 99.98%

MEDIA - Glass fibre paper
SEPARATORS - Hot melt glue
FRAME - Anodized aluminium profile 68-115 mm deep or MDF wooden frame
FACE GUARDS - Metal frame has epoxy painted expanded aluminium grids on both sides. Special Grid lock keeps the mesh away from the filter pack. Not fitted as standard to wooden frame, optional extra.
SEALANT - Two components cold moulded polyurethane

Each filter Grade H13 and above is individually leak tested and certificates are issued. We can also test and certify to EN1822 if required. Every HEPA is issued with a unique serial number which allows full traceability right back to the filter media Batch and Roll. Each roll of HEPA filter media is individually tested and certified.

HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter can remove a minimum of 99.97% of dust, pollen, bacteria, mold and any other types of airborne particle with a size of 0.3 micron which is generally known as the MPPS (Most Penetrating Particle Size).

It is at this point that people start scratching their heads and looking a little confused, what is MPPS and why haven't I heard this term before? MPPS is a term that is used with HEPA filters but not with many other types of filter such as pleated panels or Procart extraction filters as these filters will capture particles to a certain size and anything smaller will, in theory, pass through. So they are Top Down filters, they capture big things but not small.

HEPA filters, on the other hand, will capture both big particles and small particles and they can do this as they capture the different sizes in different ways. Firstly, the largest particles fly into a HEPA filter but they are too big to get through the fibres so they get stuck. This type of filtration is called 'straining' and is generally for particles of around 10 microns. For smaller particles that can pass through the fibres, the larger ones will follow the flow of air but will be too heavy therefore too slow to pass all of the way through the panel so will drop out of the airflow and be captured. This type of filtration is called 'interception'. Then we have the smallest particles which are generally below 0.3 microns. These are very small have so have such little mass that don't travel in straight lines with the flow of air, they rebound when they hit gas molecules so they move in random patterns which results in them bouncing around and hitting the fibers of the HEPA filter and getting stuck. This type of filtration is called 'diffusion'.

This all sounds great, and it is, however there is a size of particle that falls between the filtration methods and this weak spot is known as the MPPS. This is around 0.3 microns which is too small for straining and too large for diffusion and so this is why we show the MPPS filtration efficiency percentage of our HEPA filters.

Please don't use these to filter air entering a spray booth. You will not require air that has been filtered to this quality for a booth in which you are conducting standard spraying. Our Pleated Panels or Protop will provide perfectly adequate air quality. HEPA filters will also offer far too much resistance for a spray booth so the extraction fan will not function properly.

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