Propora Paintstop


As water-based paint can consists of 10% solvent and 90% water it is obvious that a different spray booth filter is required to work effectively when compared to solvent-based paints.

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    The folded 'accordion' design, of this Procart B spray booth filter, ensures a high paint holding capacity whilst maintaining maximum airflow for much longer than many types of air filtration alternatives such as fibreglass rolls. Our spray booth filters will ensure that air, from your product finishing area, is filtered effectively.

    This Procart spray booth filter is designed to filter all types of water and solvent based paints and other types of coating but not powder paints or dust (for this we recommend the use of our Procart M2 or Procart H booth filters). With this design of paper filter your overspray is captured on both on the face of the filter and within the folds which allows the booth air to pass through the filter with minimal obstruction until full, thus a constant, smooth airflow is maintained for much longer than using other types of extraction filtration. What is so important about airflow? Without it you don't have a proper functioning spray booth and you won't be able to produce a proper finish so a good airflow is vital to the running of your spray booth.

    If you are looking to spray powder or very dry or dusty paints or feel that your spray booth may suffer from a high percentage of overspray or you are experiencing problems with dust or paint traveling through your ducting and ending up outside of your factory then you may want to look at the other options within our Filtration range or feel free to call us on 01673 895130 or email us for further assistance.

    If you require a non-standard size then simply select the closest standard size larger than your required size. During the check-out process you can complete your required size in the box for special requests. If you would prefer to tell us your requirements then this is fine however you can still purchase your filters here.

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    Our PROPORA booth filter is a filter media especially designed for the filtration of fine, dry water-based particles. In comparison to our Profibre, the Propora is constructed of much finer fibres that are more able to filter the finest water-based paint particles far more efficiently. A special binder, gives more elasticity to these fibres, so that the initial pressure drop and consequently your energy costs are kept low. The paint holding-capacity is also substantially increased, when compared with the standard fibreglass material, by the progressive structure of the media and by a harmless binding-agent that is impregnated throughout the filtermedia.

    The benefits of Propora:

    Effective protection of the motor as well as the exhaust ducts.
    Low pressure drop produces cost savings due to a solid stability of the filter media.
    Extremely long service life, increasing your profits and reducing your down-time and waste.

    Thickness - 60mm
    Weight - 250g/m2
    Colour Inlet Side - Purple
    Colour Exhaust Side - White
    Gravimetric Efficiency - 97%
    Initial Pressure Drop - 4Pa
    Intake air speed - 0.75m/s
    Recommended Final Pressure Drop - 250Pa
    Temperature Resistance - 120oC
    Paint Holding Capacity - 7.5kg/m2
    Fire – Non-combustible

    Can I use Propora with solvent-based paints or just water-based?

    You can use Propora with solvent-based paints and water-based paints or a mixture of both. This product will give a better level of filtration for both types of paint than the standard Profibre due to the density of the fibre so it is the better choice for water-based paints. Propora has been designed to give a higher retention rate of water-based paint particles compared to the standard fibreglass filter, Profibre.

    Can I get this material in any other sizes?

    We offer Propora in 1.5-metre widths but this is only offered for orders of 10 rolls or more. If this is of interest then please contact us.

    You have three different types of fibreglass filter. Which is best?

    All of the filters are designed for a different purpose so it is a little unfair to ask which is best or to compare them directly however the Progiallo and the Profibre are similar to each other so to compare these two the Progiallo has a higher paint holding capacity and will hold onto dust particles that could be dislodged from the Profibre. Therefore the Progiallo could be seen as being a better product than the Profibre but it does come at a slightly higher price. The Propora has the highest paint holding capacity of all three products and can be used with water based paints but it is not impregnated.

    Which side is the front?

    With all our fibreglass filtration products there is a back and a front. It may not always be obvious, but it is important that the product is fitted correctly so that you are getting the most efficient and effective filtration. Our specialist PROPORA filter is no different and it is the purple side that faces into the spray area.

    The Propora is ‘progressively built’ which means that the fibres are closer together the deeper into the filter you go. So, the fibres are closer together at the back of the filter than they are at the front. This is so that the larger overspray particles are held on the front of the filter whilst the smaller particles are held towards the back. If the filter is fitted, back to front, then it will block very quickly.

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