Proprep Filter


Synthetic fibre, supplied on a roll, for the filtration of air being extracted from your spray booth or preparation area or can be used to filter the air entering an area normally when other types of input material provide too much airflow resistance.

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The folded 'accordion' design, of this Procart B spray booth filter, ensures a high paint holding capacity whilst maintaining maximum airflow for much longer than many types of air filtration alternatives such as fibreglass rolls. Our spray booth filters will ensure that air, from your product finishing area, is filtered effectively.

This Procart spray booth filter is designed to filter all types of water and solvent based paints and other types of coating but not powder paints or dust (for this we recommend the use of our Procart M2 or Procart H booth filters). With this design of paper filter your overspray is captured on both on the face of the filter and within the folds which allows the booth air to pass through the filter with minimal obstruction until full, thus a constant, smooth airflow is maintained for much longer than using other types of extraction filtration. What is so important about airflow? Without it you don't have a proper functioning spray booth and you won't be able to produce a proper finish so a good airflow is vital to the running of your spray booth.

If you are looking to spray powder or very dry or dusty paints or feel that your spray booth may suffer from a high percentage of overspray or you are experiencing problems with dust or paint traveling through your ducting and ending up outside of your factory then you may want to look at the other options within our Filtration range or feel free to call us on 01673 895130 or email us for further assistance.

If you require a non-standard size then simply select the closest standard size larger than your required size. During the check-out process you can complete your required size in the box for special requests. If you would prefer to tell us your requirements then this is fine however you can still purchase your filters here.

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Proprep consists of two layers of fibre; an initial filtration (white layer) followed by second layer (coloured blue) that provides further increased filtration thus providing progressive filtration and maintaining airflow. This is G4 grade media.

Blue & White filtration media supplied to the filter grade of G4.

White side is air exit.

Standard roll size - 1 x 20, 1.5 x 20 & 1 x 20 metres.

Is this media easy to cut?
Yes. Proprep is easy to cut with either scissors or a knife.

If I don't need a whole roll, can I buy a smaller piece?
You certainly don't need to buy a whole roll. Whilst it is far more cost effective to buy Proprep as a standard roll we can cut special size pads for you.

Can I use this as a secondary filter?
Proprep is quite commonly used as a secondary filter normally behind a fibreglass media such as our Profibre. Whilst this is an effective form of filtration it is more costly and not, generally, as effective as using either our Procart K or one of our cardboard extraction filters such as the Procart H.

You can see of the alternative products mentioned below.

Is there a front and back to this filter?
The filter media should be fitted with the white facing away from the airflow. This means that the air should enter the blue side and exit the white. This way around allows you to easily monitor the condition of the filter so that when the white side is obviously dirty the filter should be changed.

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