Protecnet is our water-based protective coating that can be used on all types of non-porous surface such as metal, plastics, ceramics and glass.  It is very popular for protecting walls or windows within spray booths or even to cover lights protecting them from paint or lacquer overspray.  Protectnet can be applied with a sprayer or roller and is easily removed by washing or with a flat scraper depending upon the area to which it has been applied.

Protecnet is available in either 5 litre or 10 litre containers and has a coverage of around 10 - 12 square metres per litre.


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The folded 'accordion' design, of this Procart B spray booth filter, ensures a high paint holding capacity whilst maintaining maximum airflow for much longer than many types of air filtration alternatives such as fibreglass rolls. Our spray booth filters will ensure that air, from your product finishing area, is filtered effectively.

This Procart spray booth filter is designed to filter all types of water and solvent based paints and other types of coating but not powder paints or dust (for this we recommend the use of our Procart M2 or Procart H booth filters). With this design of paper filter your overspray is captured on both on the face of the filter and within the folds which allows the booth air to pass through the filter with minimal obstruction until full, thus a constant, smooth airflow is maintained for much longer than using other types of extraction filtration. What is so important about airflow? Without it you don't have a proper functioning spray booth and you won't be able to produce a proper finish so a good airflow is vital to the running of your spray booth.

If you are looking to spray powder or very dry or dusty paints or feel that your spray booth may suffer from a high percentage of overspray or you are experiencing problems with dust or paint traveling through your ducting and ending up outside of your factory then you may want to look at the other options within our Filtration range or feel free to call us on 01673 895130 or email us for further assistance.

If you require a non-standard size then simply select the closest standard size larger than your required size. During the check-out process you can complete your required size in the box for special requests. If you would prefer to tell us your requirements then this is fine however you can still purchase your filters here.

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Protecnet is an ionised solution that has two functions when applied to walls to control air pollution. Firstly; its unique composition ensures that dust is attracted to the treated areas and secondly, the dust is held and stopped from circulating within air movement.

It can be used directly on the walls of installations where dust emissions are a problem e.g. spray booths, in which air movement will displace dust originating from vehicles, preparation and storage areas, paint-shops, printers etc. Protecnet does not dry on the surface so will stay tacky until it is completely coated with dust and overspray.

Protecnet will cover between 10-12 m2 per litre.


What is the best way to apply Protecnet?

You can apply Protecnet either by brush, roller or spray. As it is a water-based product either of these application methods are as easy and as effective as each other. You decide on the application method that best suits you and the area that you are covering.

What colour is Protecnet?

When you open the container, you will see that Protecnet is white but once it has been applied to the surface it will slowly clear giving an opaque covering. This means that it is a very good option for covering and protecting lights, windows and other glass surfaces.

I want a white coating, what should I use?

There are a couple of options for you, either Elasticote AQ which is a water-based, peelable product or Elasticote which is a solvent-based peelable coating.

How do I remove Protecnet?

This depends upon the area that it is covering. As Protecnet is a water-based product it can be washed from the surface with a hosepipe and brush or a small pressure washer. This is a very good method for a spray booth with a flooded floor as the coating and dust can simply be washed into the booth from where it can be coagulated and flocculated along with your normal removal process. If washing isn't a realistic option, which it isn't for a majority of customers, then it can be wiped or scraped. Once the Protecnet is full of dust then it is very easy to remove with a scraper or anything with a straight edge.

I think I have seen this used to collect paint spray. Is that possible?

Yes, we have many customers to use Protectnet to collect & hold the overspray around, on or behind extraction filters. Overspray can pass through an extraction filter, for many reasons, and this can cause issues with fans and possible environmental problems. Should this occur then your first step would be to check that you are using the most suited air filter. If you are still having dust behind the filter then applying Protecnet to the walls behind the filter will mean that this dust will be held on the walls rather than reaching your fan and possibly ending up outside.

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